Installation by Professional Technician
Paradox LCD Touchscreen Keypad TM50

home security

Home Security Alarm Repair, Install &
Maintenance by Professional Technician

pet friendly alarm

Pet Proof Sensor by Paradox
Cat/Dogs freedom inside home keep them safe & Secure

Install and Maintain Paradox Alarm

Paradox Alarms strives to provide those based in and around Sydney with simply superior protection against the ever-present threat of burglary and trespassing. Order or improve on your Paradox security systems today.
  • Control with remote
  • reliable communication technology
  • A full range of wireless transmitters
paradox alarm sydney

Paradox Alarm Keypads

Alarm Installation & Repair Service

PARADOX Package Hardwired pet proof


PARADOX Wireless Alarm Package





Pet Friendly Alarm System

Pet proof sensors upto 40Kgs pet inside while alarm is on

  • Paradox DG70 Hardwired
  • Paradox PMD75 Wireless

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