It would be an absolute paradox to install a Paradox Alarm system without the back up of alarm system monitoring. If your house alarm goes off and nobody is home, how will it protect your property? Worse, what if your alarm system goes off while you and your family are sleeping and vulnerable? Neighbours and bystanders often dismiss sirens as false alarms or annoyances – an alarm monitoring service waits, watches, and acts when necessary.

Alarm monitoring for Paradox Alarms are provided by Pacific Security Technology, with services designed to put the ‘U’ back in ‘security’. Our unique approach to alarm monitoring includes:

  • No contracts. We work hard every month to keep your business.
  • Monitoring for most brands and ages of systems, no matter whether we installed it or not
  • 24-hour, 365-day monitoring of your alarms. As soon as your alarm is activated, we know and will take action.
  • Back to Base alarm monitoring include the sim monthly data usage $50 including GST
  • Ability to monitor medical pendants, smoke alarms or carbon monoxide alarms

You tell us what to do in case your alarm is activated when your account is set up. We can either dispatch a security guard (see Guard Service), contact the police to attend the premises, contact you on your mobile phone, or any combination of these three. With guard dispatch or police dispatch options, you should qualify for a discount on your home insurance policy.

Without alarm monitoring, your Paradox Alarm is a toothless, voiceless guard dog. This is not an optional extra – it is an essential part of your home security system. Contact us today to set up alarm monitoring on your Paradox system.