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Why Choose a Paradox Alarm?

If you have been researching Paradox Alarms, you have probably found the general opinion to be that they are excellent alarm systems at the very top end of the pricing scale. Although it is true that Paradox has invested heavily in home security system technology and is widely regarded as a top-of-the-line brand, the product range actually protects a whole range of homes, from ritzy inner-city suburbs to quieter, humble family homes. Here’s why a Paradox Alarm (or component) might be just right for you. Read More

Terrifying Insights: What Home Burglars are really thinking

Anyone who has been the victim of a crime will have experienced it – that frustrating, infuriating sense of trying to get into the criminal’s mind. Why would they target me? Don’t they know that I am a good person? Don’t they know how hard I worked to buy the things they stole? Don’t they know exactly how much I love and worry about my children, what this break-in has done to my life? The devastating thing is that criminals lack empathy – they may understand what someone is feeling, but they don’t actually feel it themselves, or don’t care about that feeling. Read More