4-PGM Expansion Module
PGM4 (formerly APR3-PGM4)

  • Compatible with E55/E65 (V2.00), MG/SP (V3.00) and EVO
  • 4 fully programmable 5A relay outputs
  • Deactivate PGM after event and/or timer
  • Pulse PGM output for fire alarms
  • In-field firmware upgradeable

Direct Connect Interface

  • Incorporates a USB port and a serial port (DB-9)
  • Enables control panel to communicate with a PC at 60m (200ft)
  • Connect from the control panel’s serial port connector to a PC’s serial (DB-9) or USB port
  • Includes 3 LED status indicators (PC, Panel and RX/TX)
  • Communication speed:
    – 57.6k baud (MAGELLAN)
    – 38.4k baud (EVO)
    – 9.6k baud (MG series and Spectra SP series)


  • Accessory for the REM101; convenient wrist strap for quick and easy access

Belt Clip

  • Accessory for the REM101; convenient, sturdy belt clip to attach REM101 securely to person

Wall Bracket

  • Accessory for the REM101; wall mount bracket for installation on flat surfaces

USB Memory Key

  • Used to download or upload system programming to or from a PC with WinLoad V4.0 or higher
  • Lock switch to prevent accidental loss of data
  • LED status indication
  • Download or upload control panel/console programming within seconds
  • Connect directly to memory connector on the control panel/console
  • No need for a telephone line, PC or any other peripheral device