A Paradox Alarm burglar security system is a long-term investment. If you want to ensure that your children will remain happy and healthy in their home, and you remain the master of your own little world, you need to pay attention to the security technology that keeps it so.

As the official sales and Service Company for Paradox Alarms in Australia, we can help you out with:

Paradox Alarms General Repairs and Troubleshooting

Paradox Alarm systems are hi-tech pieces of equipment, and occasionally something strange happens to them. Whether you have accidentally damaged the system, something has broken or you simply need help trouble shooting a random issue, we will be there!

Paradox Alarms Battery Replacement

Battery replacement for burglar alarms is a common maintenance issue that requires an expert.
Because of the sensitive nature of your home alarm battery, Paradox Alarms are usually designed to have their battery replaced by a professional. If you have an alarm monitoring contract with us, your battery replacement is included in the price!

Paradox Alarm Remote Replacement

Lost the remote for your Paradox Alarm? We can replace the remote and also program it into your system quickly and without hassles, to make it usable.

Paradox Alarm Keypad Beeping or Keypad Messages

A beeping keypad means different things on different models of Paradox Alarm. If you’re about to rip the user manual into tiny pieces, stop! Call the Paradox Alarms experts for a translation of those beeps, and a swift response to the problem.

Tamper Switch Activated on Paradox Alarm

If you have tried to self-diagnose or treat an issue with your Paradox Alarm system (or your children have been curious/adventurous!), you may have inadvertently activated the tamper switch.
If you know exactly how the ‘tampering’ occurred, we can help you reset your alarm to normal working mode. We can also train you in the proper use of your Paradox system, so that you get full functionality without the frustration of tamper switch activations.

If you recently came home and a tamper notification was unexpectedly activated on your Paradox Alarm, you should also give us a call. We are not only specialists in Paradox security alarm systems, but also in general home security strategies. It is important to identify how somebody tried to interfere with your security system, and to prevent them being successful next time. Contact us straight away if you have had an unexpected tamper notification.

False Alarms on Paradox Systems

Although false alarms are now uncommon with Paradox’s state-of-the-art Auto Pulse Signal Processing, if you have an older model alarm or something uncommon in your home setup, you may suffer from needless false alarms.
Don’t put up with the adrenaline rush, the deafening shrieks or the glares of your neighbours after your third false alarm! We can assess your home and help you make sure that your Paradox Alarm is silent and unobtrusive … except when it is actually protecting you. Contact us to solve a false alarm problem, fast.