Paradox has a select range of intrusion detection systems, developed to fill specific niches with their targeted features. Although the Paradox range is always expanding, their most popular home security alarm products are:


Built around the revolutionary principle that an alarm system should be armed by default, and only partly disarmed to allow for entry and exit, the Stay-D software truly represents the peak of home security.
Where other systems allow a huge margin of user error, and depend greatly on a family’s expertise in using a system, Stay-D aims to flawlessly fill the gaps in your security practices and create an impenetrable wall of safety.
Stay-D has three possible levels of arming:

  • Full
  • Stay
  • Sleep

In conjunction with careful zoning and the programming of entry and exit paths, this means that you can protect your entire home even while you are moving around it and can ensure that your kids never leave the house unsupervised – the cause of so much heartbreak.

Magellan Wireless Home Security System Consoles

Magellan wireless consoles re fast and easy to install, and because there is no complicated installation necessary they can protect you even if you are renting your home.
Magellan consoles are Stay-D enabled, and also boast a range of hi-tech end-user features such as:

  • Family message centre
  • FM radio
  • Alarm clocks
  • Hands-free speakerphone

Spectra Home/Business Security Alarm Consoles

For renovators or businesses, Spectra consoles by Paradox Alarms offers the rare advantage of being able to expand the initial system without a full re-work or re-installation.
Spectra systems are firmware-upgradeable in the field, so our Paradox Alarms specialists can come out to your home or business to set this up rather than taking your alarm away. The consoles can also be up-sized with a greater number of on-board zones, more on-board PGMs, and additional features such as GSM module and internet module support or a plug-in voice dialer.

Most of the Spectra range is wireless enabled, so can be installed quickly and easily with no structural building changes.

Digital, Analogue and Specialised Motion Detectors

A motion detector is the core of your burglar alarm system’s reliability and user-friendliness. The Paradox system uses advanced, human-like memory and comparison tools to detect real intrusions, and prevent false alarms.

The core technology is ‘Auto Pulse Signal Processing’, which compares the pattern of signal coming from the detector with known alarm conditions. These signals are stored in memory until a set level is reached – if the signal doesn’t represent an alarm condition, then your family dog will prowl the house in peace while you work!

Which Paradox Products Should I Choose?

Unsure how all the consoles, software and accessories fit together? As Paradox Alarm specialists, we will investigate your home’s and family’s security needs, and fit them logically with the right products from the Paradox range.

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