Cellular communicator G16

Supplied and Installed @ $650 inc GST
No on going cost, Free App


Connects to alarm panel’s serial or keypad bus:

  • This allows to read and retransmit panel events in less than 1 second.

Sends events to monitoring station receiver:

  • Sends event information to TRIKDIS software or hardware receivers that work with any monitoring software.
  • Can send event information to SIA DC-09 receivers.
  • First and second communication channels can operate simultaneously and send information to two receivers at the same time.
  • Both channels can have a back-up channel that will be used if the connection with primary channel is lost.
  • Event reporting via SMS messages. Messages will be delivered even if data connection stops working in the mobile operator network.
  • Simultaneously transmits full event information to Central Monitoring Station and works with Protegus app. Priority is for transmitting events to the Central Monitoring Station.

Works with Protegus app:

  • Push” and special sound notifications informing about events.
  • Remote Arm/Disarm feature.
  • Take full control of connected devices (lights, gates, ventilation systems, heating, sprinklers, etc.).
  • Temperature monitoring (with iO or iO-WL expanders).
  • Different user rights for administrator, installer and guest user.
  • Users can also be informed about events with SMS messages and phone calls.

Quick configuration:

  • Settings can be saved to file and quickly written to other communicators.
    • Remote configuration and firmware updates.
  • Two access levels for configuring the device.

Controllable inputs and outputs:

  • 2 outputs controlled via:
    • Protegus app;
    • SMS.
    • 1 selectable type input: NC; NO; NC/EOL; NO/EOL; NC/DEOL; NO/DEOL.
    • Add additional inputs and controllable outputs with wired and wireless iO expanders.

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