Terrifying Insights: What Home Burglars are Really Thinking


Anyone who has been the victim of a crime will have experienced it – that frustrating, infuriating sense of trying to get into the criminal’s mind. Why would they target me? Don’t they know that I am a good person? Don’t they know how hard I worked to buy the things they stole? Don’t they know exactly how much I love and worry about my children, what this break-in has done to my life? The devastating thing is that criminals lack empathy – they may understand what someone is feeling, but they don’t actually feel it themselves, or don’t care about that feeling.

So, exactly what else is going on in the mind of a home burglar? Today we gather some fascinating insights from real ex-burglars to help you plan your burglar alarm and security systems. Be afraid … then be canny.

Strength in Numbers
Many burglars work in groups. Burglars are not concerned about their fellows dobbing them into police – they stand to lose just as much themselves.

However they are concerned about having backup in case there is a fierce dog or a burly bloke at home. They are concerned about having eyes and ears to monitor one side of the house in case homeowners come home. And because there is often more than one burglar, it is even more crucial that you have the backup of a guard service with your back to base alarm.

Fences Won’t Stop Burglars – Lights Will
In fact, a high fence actually attracts robbers to your property, as it provides a perfect place to hide from the view of the street. However, motion sensor lights call immediate attention to the fact that someone is in your yard, and most burglars scram as soon as that switch flicks itself!

Close Your Blinds Early
Leaving your blinds open at dusk only displays all the expensive things in your home to anyone driving past – including burglars. If burglars know exactly what they want and how to get in and out,

Back to Base Alarms – A Real Deterrent
A burglar usually doesn’t know your home well, and needs time to look around and find your jewellery, portable electronics, keys and cash. A back to base alarm means they only have minutes to get into your home and get what they want – so if they can see obvious security company stickers and alarm equipment in your home, they will simply bypass it.

See the Signs
If you have a guard dog, a back to base alarm or a resident judo expert, don’t hesitate to put up a sign! It doesn’t have to be big – but if you place it next to doors or on windows where burglars are likely to see, their imagination takes over and worst case scenarios come up. All of a sudden your friendly Rottweiler becomes a vicious Great Dane in their mind. Your back to base alarm company is just round the corner, and has enormous guards with nightsticks. It’s a deception that you should take advantage of!

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