Why Choose a Paradox Alarm?


If you have been researching Paradox Alarms, you have probably found the general opinion to be that they are excellent alarm systems at the very top end of the pricing scale. Although it is true that Paradox has invested heavily in home security system technology and is widely regarded as a top-of-the-line brand, the product range actually protects a whole range of homes, from ritzy inner-city suburbs to quieter, humble family homes. Here’s why a Paradox Alarm (or component) might be just right for you.

Foolproof and Forget-Proof Technology
One of the number one causes of burglar alarm system failure is user error – most frequently either forgetting or not bothering to turn the alarm on when leaving the house. Most of the modern Paradox Alarms come with Stay-D technology – a different approach to house alarm systems which means that the system is only ever partially disarmed, and that it will arm itself automatically if you forget to!

StayD incorporate programmed paths and zones, and only path zones have a delay for exit and entry – other zones are protected, so nobody can enter your house while you are leaving. Stay D also allow you to make sure that your kids don’t leave the house unsupervised – critical if you have toddlers, and also useful for teenagers!

You can activate and deactivate Stay-D mode, so you don’t lose any flexibility with this software option of Paradox Alarms. You don’t need a code to arm the system, only to disarm it.

Superior Motion Detection
Paradox has put a lot of effort into development of their motion sensor technology. Their Auto Pulse Signal Processing detects movement in the home, compares it to the patterns that would be expected with an intrusion, and if the pattern of activation looks more like a pet or a balloon waving in the air conditioning, the alarm doesn’t go off.

Expandable Options
Many homeowners and businesses put off installing a home security system if they are planning to extend the home. Paradox’s Spectra range offers a huge amount of expandability, allowing you to add zones and PGMs as well as upgrade the firmware and technology. If you aren’t sure what the future holds for the physical structure of your home or business, this is a compelling reason to choose a Paradox Alarm.

Wireless Systems
Many back to base alarm brands now offer wireless options. However, going wireless is one of the times when you most need to be assured of quality. Wireless technology adds another layer of vulnerability to home alarm systems if it isn’t implemented properly.

If you are renting, wireless back to base alarms may be your only option – and in this case, you should definitely choose Paradox for reliability and peace of mind.

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